18 December 2012

Christmas with an Eating Disorder : Tips

For many people the holidays are a time of joy and celebration, a time to gather with family and friends and indulge and enjoy the traditional fest. For someone with an eating disorder it can be less than enjoyable as the holiday season are often anxiety ridden and centered around the subject of food, in fact it can be an nightmare to say the least.
With anorexia and bulimia present, Christmas hasn't been the usual family fun time of the year for me, instead it has been very lonely and quiet stressful . An eating disorder is a horrid illness, it can be painfully tormenting for the sufferer and their family and friends. I constantly would be filled with guilt that would provoke total avoidance during the Christmas period, last Christmas having been invited down to spend Christmas day down in my aunties for dinner, I was too mentally and physically sick to face Christmas , so I spent it in bed alone, locked up inside my own mind. Hopefully this year will be different and i'll be able to fight through it. 
I decided to write a post of helpful tips for coping with the pressure that can arise around Christmas time, my main desire as you already are aware of is to at least help someone, even be it one person. Below is a list of few tips to make the Christmas season more manageable. 

Plan Ahead

If you are visiting family and friends in advance you may consider letting people know how you are feeling, I don't mean tell everyone Bob, Joe and John, just people who you feel comfortable with who will support you on the day. Talk to them about your fears around food so they can try and ease the anxiety and stress, if you don't feel comfortable doing so as I know it can be quiet scary and daunting, another idea would be to write down on a piece of paper how you're feeling and give it too a family member. It can also be helpful to give close ones information to help them understand due to the medias misleading ignorance towards eating disorders. Meal and serving size should be decided in advance, try negotiate a way of your needs been met to prevent stressing out. 

During the Meal

It can be helpful to talk about general light topics during the meal, but be prepared for unnecessary comments about food/weight that may arise, as people don't intend on triggering you it easily can slip someones mind. Have someone supportive sitting next to you during the meal can make it a lot easier. Avoid reacting defensively as closed loved ones have your best interest at heart, as we all have that one relative that says the wrong thing at the wrong time.

After the Meal

I find it helpful to distract yourself after the meal to keep negative thoughts at bay, maybe take a walk with a family member or listen to your favourite music until the feeling of fullness passes, take time out to relax, I promise you this that the feeling will pass you just got to hang in there !!! If you have a period of behaviors do not beat yourself up over it, just put it behind you and move on as mistake's are bound to happen, nobody is perfect. 


I wish you all the best and hope you all have a very happy Christmas.

Remember you are worth more than a number on a scales.

take care

10 December 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

I love when the leaves are scattered on the ground, it's breath taken / I was such a happy bunny when my ts came in the post, 2 great bands to say the least !! /  Treated myself / My xmas tree / Me & Graham just before we headed out on the town / I'm in love with my Chloe esq boots / Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 01 / My stiletto nails that I recently bit off ouccchh / My monthly fix of Elle / Nice skinny latte after a hard days work / The lovely Sarah getting her makeup done by Niamh Martin from Nima Brushes at the Christmas blogger meet up / Emma me & Ellie I love them 2 girls / A Long Island Ice Tea with all the bbloggers / I'm loving this necklace I bought in NewLook recently / James Arthur ooofffft enough said, but i'm extremely delighted he won the XFactor tonight, i'm such a big fan / Penguins are my favourite animal so I just had to buy these adorable pjs. 

06 December 2012

Purple Smokey Eye - Night Out

Ello lovelies it's me again, I thought i'd start doing a 'face of the day' post since I am a trainee Make-up artist and love creating different looks and experimenting with makeup as makeup is my art. I had lost my mojo for awhile but it's safe to say I've found it again, praise the lord !!! So this is the makeup I wore out the weekend for a night on the town, it's a smokey purple look which I love, when I go out I usually like to wear quiet heavy looks than what i'd wear for day time. Please do excuse the dodgy big eyebrow, long story short I've giving up hope that i'll wake up with Cara Delevigne fab eyebrows, I know eyebrows are suppose to be sisters not twins but mine where taking the mic one been quiet high arched than the other, so I sorted them out eventually. If you'd like to see more FOTD posts or tutorials please do give me some feed back so I know what my readers are interested in reading. 

It's officially December, Santa is coming in 19 sleeps (yes I checked my xmas count down app on my Iphone) I just love everything about xmas, it's such a magical time of year to spend with friends and family. That reminds me I really need to get my finger out and start the big crimbo shop, where do I begin *sighs* I get so side tracked and end up buying literally everything I put my finger on. Oh and i'll be getting a new camera for xmas so no more dodgy Iphone pictures, about time !!! I've sent my Internationale blogger secret Santa package that the lovely Sandra has organized, I'm so excited for my package to get to my secret Santa  fingers crossed she likes her gifts.

Products Used :

Primer : Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer
Colour Correcter Cream : Veil Cover Cream
Loose Powder : Hot Totty
Foundation : Nixie Cream Foundation 
Concealer : Mac Select Cover Up
Blush : Mac Style 
Bronzer : Benefit Hula
Highlight : Cheek Stick

Lid : Essence Gel Eyeliner in Black, Hot Totty Black eye shadow 
Crease & Lower Lash line :  Hot Totty Purple Loose Pigment
Brow Bone &Inner Tear Duct : Cheek Stick, Hot Totty White Shimmer Eye Shadow
Water Line : Essence Gel Eyeliner in Black
Mascara : Maybelline The Falsies
Eye Brows : Essence Gel Eyeliner in Black

Balm : Carmex
Lip Liner : Gosh in Nugget
Lip Stick : Maybelline Luminous Beige
Lip Gloss : Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in 04 Nude Lustre

Did you enjoy this look ?