05 June 2013

#JuneBBC day 3 : Favourite Hair Products

Hey guys so todays Beauty Blogger Challenge is Favourite Hair Products and my first favourite product has to be Tesco Maximum hairspray, i've never had a hairspray hold my hair so well and it also brushes out easily. The packaging is a bit of a turnoff but the quality of the hairspray out rides it so I can't complain. The Loreal Elvie extraordinary oil, who hasn't heard of this wonder product, regarding a soft luxurious shine it definitely does what it says on the tin. I was a bit skeptical at first of the hype around this oil but it was surprisingly better than expected. Schwarzopf got2b big volume mousse is what I turn to when I want that extra volume added to my roots, I am blessed with thick hair but this mousse gives a boost to my roots. My next favourite has to be Herbal Essence light reflecting serum is a joy to use, it leaves my hair with a smooth sleek finish which I adore. The last product has to be the John Frieda frizz ease protective styling spray it nourishes and protects my hair as I use quite a lot of heat on it so this spray is perfect. I spray a small amount on damp hair from root to tip. 

What do you think of my favourites ? What your favourite hair products ?

04 June 2013

#JuneBBC Day 2 : Favourite Brushes

So todays Beauty Blog Challenge is favourite brushes, it took me awhile to narrow my favourites down to these six beauties. First off is Real Techniques blush brush by samantha chapman, everyone is familiar with Pixiwoo and is a favourite amongst every beauty blogger. What caught my eye and made this brush stand out was the sleek design to the tapered tip to the soft bristles, I love everything about this brush. I use this brush for blush but mostly bronzer as it gives a beautiful blended flawless finish. Lately I have been using the Royal & Langnickel silk pro powder brush for setting my foundation as it is a large brush, it is perfect for the simple fact that I use less powder on my dry skin. For that airbrushed finish I look upon my trusty Bdellium tool in 955, how could you not fall in love with this beautiful bright green stippling brush. Another Royal & Langnickel silk pro brush in c450,  it is a  flat eyeliner which I use to define my eyebrows with. This Angle shader brush by Royal & Langnickel in c500 is perfect for highlighting your browbone. Last but not least my one and only Crease blending brush C430 by Royal & Langnickel, would you believe when I first started my makeup artistry course I hated the guts of this brush, I could not for the life of me control it and was left looking like a clown (not a pretty look). I have learnt to adore it, the bristles are soft as velvet and it has the ability to blend and create soft edges to achieve a flawless eye makeup look. 

What are your favourite brushes ?

03 June 2013

#JuneBBC 1.Favourite Eyeliner

Hey guys so after hearing about the exciting June Beauty Blogger Challenge  I decided to jump on board as i've always wanted to get involved in a challenge like this one, it's a great fun way to ease myself back into blogging. If you are interested in joining in it's not too late, check out Girl Fridays Beauty Blog for more information on what's involved and the daily topics. My only down fall will be reading other peoples posts that are involved with JuneBBC and having a huge wish list the length of my arm, oh the joys of being broke and unemployed. 

(The picture does not show how pigmented they really are)

Todays topic is favourite eyeliners, I am not really a major fan of eyeliner as of lately i've been giving it a miss in my daily makeup routine. I find black way too harsh in my waterline or under my eye which I only ever wear it on a night out with dramatic eye makeup, that being said I must actually purchase a brown eyeliner to use in my everyday makeup. First off we have Inglot soft precision eyeliner in 42, this burgundy colour is to die for, I wear this blended under my lashline with a brown smokey eye. This flattering shade would look amazing on brown eyes as it makes the eye pop and stand out. The Essence long lasting eye pencil in 05 c'est la vie is a fab soft creamy silver eye pencil suitable for a night on the town, I really am fond of the brand Essence as I feel they have stepped up their game recently in producing exceptional quality makeup for cheap as chips. Bourjois metallic eyeliner in 54 bleu clinquant, this was an impulse buy awhile back as I was attracted to the vibrant blue metallic colour, for months on end it sat neatly at the bottom of my makeup bag untouched. After seeing Cara Delevinge wearing an orange lip and bright blue eyeliner on the runway I was sold and that was it. I love how white eyeliner brightens the eye and instantly enlarging your eyes, I have been using Natural Collection eye lines. this eyeliner applies smoothly and is quite pigmented which I adore. And last but not least my holy grail product Essence gel eyeliner in 01 midnight to paris, I am utterly shocked and gutted that this product is been discontinued, why you ask ? basically to make room for new products. I have become so attached to this gel eyeliner, I am absolutely devastated so I have stocked up before it's too late. I must confess that this gel eyeliner is by far the best I have tried, it is extremely pigmented and of a creamy consistency that is easy to work with, the staying power is beyond amazing, it will not budge. I must stop i'm becoming too emotional talking about this product !!!

What's your favourite eyeliner ? Are you joining in on the BBC challenge ?

22 May 2013

Woman's World Show 2013

Hi everyone, I wasn't going to blog until I had my layout sorted out but I have an amazing event I wanted to post about for you guys. The lovely Anastasia Campion contacted me about The Woman's World Show on in Simmonscourt in the RDS that is taking place this June bank holiday. This event is in conjunction with The Womens Mini-Marathon. 

This event includes leading experts and exhibitors from the worlds of fashion, health, food, beauty and wellbeing, with it being the largest female event in Ireland, it is a must. There will also be 15 catwalks taking place over the weekend event, celebrity experts will grace the stage giving advice on this years summer trends, to how to dress for your body shape and more. Womans world will bring an arena full of health checks, sporting specialists, sports retailers to cater to your sporting needs. If that wasn't enough there will be a great lineup of top chefs on the Knor Live Chef stages with lessons and tips to conquer the gourmet goddess in us all. This is an amazing weekend you don't want to miss out on, so grab your girlfriends and book your place for the ultimate feel-good event of the summer. You can download your tickets for free for a limited time only as tickets will be 12euro at the door, so hurry on over to WomansWorldShow  to get yours. 

Is anyone attending this amazing event ? 


21 April 2013


And I am officially back as of now after a much needed break. The past few months have been hard for a number of reasons, I managed to get stuck in a nasty rut for quite some time and my motivation to blog went out the window with just about everything else in life. I feel awfully guilty for just abandoning my readers and the blogging community, I really did go the wrong way about it but I was not in the most healthiest mind set. All that aside i'm more positive about life and i'm trying to make the most of it as of now, onwards and upwards. I'm looking forward to get back into blogging as I have missed it shockingly, so keep your eyes peeled for brand new posts in the next few days.
As today was such a nice day as the sun was out I decided to bring the dogs down the park, there is something about the sun that never fails to put people in a good mood. I brought the camera with me to take a few pictures to show you guys as my local park is one of my favourite places to be, not to say it was a struggle to get a decent picture of my dogs as they never sit still for more than a second. 

Denim Shirt // Pennies (Primark)
Military Shirt // Urban Outfitters
Skirt // Topshop
Shoes // Pennies
Collar Chain // Pennies (Primark)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. 

28 January 2013

Essence - Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn - Shimmer Powder

Hey guys, it's been awhile !!! I swear I've the worst luck when it comes to blogging, from my Iphone smashing and not having a camera to my laptop acting up, I've been utterly stressed out. Anyways, onward and upwards. 

As a fan of The Twilight Saga I was pretty excited to see one of my favourite makeup brands come up with a special limited edition collection to celebrate the movie release. For anyone seeking for that desirable luminous glowing complexion like Bella's it is surely achievable with the Essence Breaking Dawn Shimmer Powder (01 Bella's Secret). The packaging is quiet simple but appealing as it is clear plastic which enables you to see the product inside and is easy to clean. The formula is soft and very finely mild with plenty of product and at 3.29euro it is a steal. Dust this illuminating powder over your cheek bones to give you that golden champagne radiance that lasts and is just to die for. I've been constantly using this in my daily routine and I am beyond impressed with the perfect beautiful glow I achieve with this product. 

Soft Highlighter that is Build-able
Natural Glow

Limited Edition

Over all verdict:
This highlighter is an all round winner, if you are looking for an elegant healthy glow I can not recommend this highlighter enough, it even is comparable to Mac Mineralize Skinfinish. 

Have you tried this product, what do you think of it ? / What is your favourite highlighter ?

07 January 2013

Come Away To The Water ...

Thought i'd treat you lot to another OFTD post, i'm trying to get the hang of it as i'm terrible at 'modeling and posing' for other people, I must invest in a good tri pod. Yesterday I went to see The Hobbit and wow it was extremely amazing, if you haven't seen it yet I can't recommend it enough. The special fx's where unreal, I was so intrigued by the make-up and clothing, made me realise how badly I want to make it into the film industry, either costume design or a makeup artist would be my chosen path (fingers crossed). Now I just have to work hard at building my portfolio and gaining experience. Yesterdays outfit was quiet casual with my army Nirvana T that i'm loving at the minute, Creepers and Levi's which is a everyday pick for me. The gold Casio watch was a Christmas gift from my Mam which i'm in love with, it's my baby.

Leather Jacket // Pennies
Mens Army Nirvana Tshirt // Pennies
Levi's // Urban Outfitters
Creppers // Amazon
Necklace // New Look
Holy Bracelets // Pennies
Casio Watch // Asos

Don't leave me high, Don't leave me dry.

Hey guys, another OFTD post, god i'm on a roll lol. I take that back, i'm a little late posting this, my OFTD was taking on Friday I just have been way too busy to post it till now. So Friday night I went out with my mates on the town, yes it was a mad one and I sure did pay for it the next day. Shots are the devil, never again, but sure don't we always say that until next time around. I went for a casual rock chick look with my Ramones T Shirt ,Disco Pants and of course my ever so beautiful Spiked Boots. 
Ramones T Shirt // Pennies
Disco Pants // River Island
Spiked Boots // Local Shoe Shop
Chain Necklace // Forever 21
Holy Bracelets // Pennies

03 January 2013

Not really sure how to feel about it, Something in the way you move...

Hey guys, happy new year :) hope 2013 will bring happiness, health and amazing memories !!! Finally I got a new camera so i'll be posting more often now, as iphone photos just don't do the job. I changed the colour of my hair, I got bored of the orange so I've moved on to a purple / pinky colour for now, give me a week or so and it will be something different. So this is just a quick Outfit Of The Day post, just something casual and comfy to head down the town for a bit of retail therapy.  Had to show off my lil Riley, he is getting soooo big and bold. 

Leather Jacket : Pennies
Checked Shirt : Stradivarius
Green Jeans : New Look
Gold Studded Boots : Bought off a blogger