28 January 2013

Essence - Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn - Shimmer Powder

Hey guys, it's been awhile !!! I swear I've the worst luck when it comes to blogging, from my Iphone smashing and not having a camera to my laptop acting up, I've been utterly stressed out. Anyways, onward and upwards. 

As a fan of The Twilight Saga I was pretty excited to see one of my favourite makeup brands come up with a special limited edition collection to celebrate the movie release. For anyone seeking for that desirable luminous glowing complexion like Bella's it is surely achievable with the Essence Breaking Dawn Shimmer Powder (01 Bella's Secret). The packaging is quiet simple but appealing as it is clear plastic which enables you to see the product inside and is easy to clean. The formula is soft and very finely mild with plenty of product and at 3.29euro it is a steal. Dust this illuminating powder over your cheek bones to give you that golden champagne radiance that lasts and is just to die for. I've been constantly using this in my daily routine and I am beyond impressed with the perfect beautiful glow I achieve with this product. 

Soft Highlighter that is Build-able
Natural Glow

Limited Edition

Over all verdict:
This highlighter is an all round winner, if you are looking for an elegant healthy glow I can not recommend this highlighter enough, it even is comparable to Mac Mineralize Skinfinish. 

Have you tried this product, what do you think of it ? / What is your favourite highlighter ?

07 January 2013

Come Away To The Water ...

Thought i'd treat you lot to another OFTD post, i'm trying to get the hang of it as i'm terrible at 'modeling and posing' for other people, I must invest in a good tri pod. Yesterday I went to see The Hobbit and wow it was extremely amazing, if you haven't seen it yet I can't recommend it enough. The special fx's where unreal, I was so intrigued by the make-up and clothing, made me realise how badly I want to make it into the film industry, either costume design or a makeup artist would be my chosen path (fingers crossed). Now I just have to work hard at building my portfolio and gaining experience. Yesterdays outfit was quiet casual with my army Nirvana T that i'm loving at the minute, Creepers and Levi's which is a everyday pick for me. The gold Casio watch was a Christmas gift from my Mam which i'm in love with, it's my baby.

Leather Jacket // Pennies
Mens Army Nirvana Tshirt // Pennies
Levi's // Urban Outfitters
Creppers // Amazon
Necklace // New Look
Holy Bracelets // Pennies
Casio Watch // Asos

Don't leave me high, Don't leave me dry.

Hey guys, another OFTD post, god i'm on a roll lol. I take that back, i'm a little late posting this, my OFTD was taking on Friday I just have been way too busy to post it till now. So Friday night I went out with my mates on the town, yes it was a mad one and I sure did pay for it the next day. Shots are the devil, never again, but sure don't we always say that until next time around. I went for a casual rock chick look with my Ramones T Shirt ,Disco Pants and of course my ever so beautiful Spiked Boots. 
Ramones T Shirt // Pennies
Disco Pants // River Island
Spiked Boots // Local Shoe Shop
Chain Necklace // Forever 21
Holy Bracelets // Pennies

03 January 2013

Not really sure how to feel about it, Something in the way you move...

Hey guys, happy new year :) hope 2013 will bring happiness, health and amazing memories !!! Finally I got a new camera so i'll be posting more often now, as iphone photos just don't do the job. I changed the colour of my hair, I got bored of the orange so I've moved on to a purple / pinky colour for now, give me a week or so and it will be something different. So this is just a quick Outfit Of The Day post, just something casual and comfy to head down the town for a bit of retail therapy.  Had to show off my lil Riley, he is getting soooo big and bold. 

Leather Jacket : Pennies
Checked Shirt : Stradivarius
Green Jeans : New Look
Gold Studded Boots : Bought off a blogger