29 August 2012

#9 Loves

#10 secrets // #09 loves // #08 fears // #07 wants // #06 places // #05 foods // #04 books // #03 films // #02 songs // #01 picture of yourself.

09. My dearly beloved Lola who I've mentioned quiet a lot on this blog already, she really is everything to me, i'd be lost without my pouch. 

08. Of course I have to mention my boyfriend Ciaran somewhere or he'll be giving me grief lol.

07. My mam is just an amazing person, so strong and independent, I really do admire her strength. She has giving me and my brother so much, I strive to be as a great mam as she has been to me.  

06. My granda has a close place in my heart and I miss him dearly. 

05. Traveling has always excited me, from roaming the beautiful landscapes and cities to checking out the local talent and learning the lingo, there is nothing I love more.

04. Make-up is a passion, creating a master piece on someones face and letting your creativity flow is something I love doing on a daily bases. 

03. Chocolate ice cream, mmmmmmm YUMMY !!!

02. Ever since I volunteered at a summer camp in Greece I have falling in love with the stars, the geeky side in me is fascinated by astronomy, one day I will fly to space and explore (wishful thinking).

01. Camden market is where I left my heart, I really feel at home there. From the food and vintage stalls to starbucks, yeh it's just perfect.


28 August 2012

Tuesday Tips

Cleaning your brushes is a must as bacteria grows rapidly in moist conditions, think of the amount of bacteria your spreading daily by not washing your brushes, I bet you never stopped to give it a thought because I know I sure didn't. What do I use you ask ? A miracle product called baby shampoo, which is dirt cheap and can be found in several supermarkets. This product is perfect for myself as I wash my brushes nightly and go through quiet a lot of product, so instead of forking out for Macs Brush Cleanser i'm saving quiet a lot of dollar at the end of the day and it does the job just fine. I also use baby oil to break down any stubborn make-up left on my brushes such as gel eyeliner, lipstick and foundation, it really does work a treat

What do you use to clean your brushes ? 


27 August 2012

10 day 'you' challenge #10

As I love reading personal post like these I thought i'd jump on the band wagonNelipott is currently doing the 'ten day challenge' so I decided to take part, enjoy :) 

#10 secrets // #09 loves // #08 fears // #07 wants // #06 places // #05 foods // #04 books // #03 films // #02 songs // #01 picture of yourself.

I don't really have any secrets of such to spill so i'll stick to 10 facts about myself that you probably don't know of.

01. Iv'e dropped out of my last year in secondary school, Nursing Studies twice, due to issues with my health and been in and out of hospital. Education means quiet a lot to me and it saddens me that I had to leave and wasn't able to perform to my full potential, I always wonder what if ?... but i'm a strong believer of everything happens for a reason and at the time my health was my main priority. I just completed my make-up artistry course which i'm delighted as I was on the verge of finishing it at a later stage.

02. I'm recovering from an eating disorder, i'm taking each day as it comes and trying to learn to love myself, as cliche as it sounds it's one of the hardest things iv'e ever had to do to accept myself for who I am. Onwards and upwards, no dwelling on the past for me, recovery is possible and it's an on going process that i'll have to live with for the rest of my life.

03. I live, breathe fashion and there is nothing more thrilling then creating a story, an image involving many different art forms combined in to one to make magic. I literally drool over the editorials in Elle each month, I really want to work in make-up artistry in fashion as i'm fascinated by it, I plan on moving to London to achieve my dream career. 

04. My dog LoLa is my pride and joy, she is treated like a baby and might as well be human as she would buy and sell you the clever little thing. It's crazy the love I receive from my four legged best friend, she is the most lovable, friendly, and beautiful, well manured creature ever. I'm a proud granny of 5 gorgeous boys who I love dearly.

05. When nobody is around I like to dance and sing around my bathroom as if i'm starring in my own music video on MTV. I like to think i'm better than Lady GaGa whether I am or not is another thing, i'll let you use your imagination

06. Wheatabix is by far one of my favourite foods ever, I could literally eat it for every meal and not be sick of it. It has to be heated up with a tea spoon of sugar and don't forget the cuppa with a drop of milk, yuuuuuuuuum.

07. I am a dancer, I currently do hip hop and ballet and I love how for them 3 hours I forget the world and I can channel my anger, passion and joy into the dance routines. I can't even begin to describe what dance means to me, the friendships I've made and what it's done for my confidence is unreal. Don't let anything or one stop you from doing what you love.

08. I am scared shitless * pardon my french* of rats, if I even set sight of them disgusting creatures on t.v I will scream to the high heavens, I really can't stomach them. I would rather lick old people's crusty feet then be in a room full of rats. 

09. I'm very anal about where things are placed and how they are placed, I also like routine and structure so if I use a sorting knife or fork for eating I claim it as mine for each of my meals. The OCD in me drives people crazy but I can't help my ways for now.

10. I see beauty in every single living atom on this earth and I refuse to see anything less. 

Did you enjoy the 10 facts I gave you ? Can you relate to any of the above ? Or fancy sharing some of your facts about yourself ?


26 August 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Cottage Pie + Cabbage mmmm / Katie Taylor after wining her medal, Ireland are so proud / Messing around with wax and blood is a normal night for me / I'm top class at making salads / Body painting in college, the type was twisted Disney / Me & Ciaran before our big feed of Chinese / I'm addicted to Costa's nutty flapjack yuuum / Lady GaGa inspired look for my photo shoot / Crazy Colour /  Graduation day / Another look done by me / Avant Garde / Me & Katie / My 5 beautiful boys / Graduation day scouse style.

Hey guys sorry iv'e be absent lately, it's been due to finishing up with college and my LoLa having her pups. The past 3 weeks have been hectic, I was so stressed out and then I managed to catch a viral infection, I'm glad to see the back of August but all in all I had such an amazing experience at college which i'll never forget. When watching sex in the city at lunch was the norm of course i'll miss it. Poor LoLa lost one of her pups as he was a runt and not even half the size of his brothers, he really hadn't a chance unfortunately, at least the other 5 are healthy and growing into their own personalities, it's so exciting. I'm still sick at the minute and it seems to be running wild in our house, back to blogging so ;)

Currently Loving : Costa's Flapjacks, My Pups, 
Currently Hating: The manic weather we are having.
Currently Reading: Izzie / Jenny


05 August 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

I really like my makeup in that pic // cuddles with my baby Lola who is a mammy to be in like a few days // That lemon bun was amazing mmmm // one of the girls at college did special effects on me // nice healthy lunch from m n s // I'm proud of the scalded wounds I done in college // ELLE enough said // me and Katie's work on our tutor // banana and bran flakes with almonds.

Currently Loving - The Olympics, My Mams cheese cake.
Currently Reading -Amy, Heather, Emi
Currently Listening to - Kreayshawn - Go Hard (La La La)


01 August 2012

Dublin Blogger Meet

The blogger meet up was the doing of the lovely Sarah who put a lot of time and effort in to organising the event. I can't even begin to explain how nervous I was as I'm a newbie to the whole bloggin jazz and didn't know what to expect. The arrangement was to meet at the spire (for anyone outside the emerald island it's a big useless spike in the middle of Dublin!!!) due to Ireland's weather been misleading as it does be we all huddled under the GPO. As we arrived Sarah presented us with a pink goodie bag with our names on it which was so sweet of her, after we chatted for awhile we made our way over to the Lush store on Henry St.

The team at Lush welcomed us and began to talk to us about their new 'emotional brilliance' line and I bravely stepped up first to have a go of the colour wheel not knowing what was in store. Basically, you are asked to clear your mind and close your eyes, they spin the colour wheel and ask you to open your eyes and choose 3 colours that mostly stand out to you. The first colour you choose represents your strenght or weakness, your second choice symbolises your subconscious mind and your third choice is your talent. I happened to choose health, passionate and vibrant, it actually shocked me how accurate my results were. I quiet like the concept according to Lush "if one believes enough in something, there will likely be a change in behaviour." it's a fun and a brand new interesting way to wear your make up and like all Lush products they are vegan friendly. After an hour or so of swatching and smelling all the products Lush gave us a little goodie bag with are favourite colour and their new mascara which I'm excited to review *cough coming soon cough* I also picked up some skincare products as my face is in a bad way and needs some TLC.

  Emma getting her colour reading
  We strolled down to arnotts to the Benefit contour where we met the lovely Gemma who kindly demonstrated the prep, prime and perfect routine on Alycia which looked stunning. Gemma then began to talk about Benefits new range the box o’powder glosses which includes bella bamba, coralista, dallas, dandelion, hoola, and sugarbomb. I feel in love with Sugarbomb which is a soft beautiful pearly pink that complements the sugarbomb blush, it has been placed at the top of my wish list.
                                                           Gemma working her magic on Alycia
Our bellies began to start talking to us we knew it was time to fill up on some delish grub from The Church restaurant which was so breath taking inside. We chatted and the banter was had as a few bloggers vlogged. Before the day came to an end we had a browse in Forever 21, Boots and Inglot where I picked up a few pieces (haul video/post will becoming soon so stay tuned!!!). I really had an amazing time and can't wait for the next blogger meet up as every single one of the girls were so lovely. Thank you so much Sarah you really entirely did an amazing job at organising the day and it wouldn't have been possible with out you.


Here are the links of the vloggers/bloggers who attended
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