07 January 2013

Come Away To The Water ...

Thought i'd treat you lot to another OFTD post, i'm trying to get the hang of it as i'm terrible at 'modeling and posing' for other people, I must invest in a good tri pod. Yesterday I went to see The Hobbit and wow it was extremely amazing, if you haven't seen it yet I can't recommend it enough. The special fx's where unreal, I was so intrigued by the make-up and clothing, made me realise how badly I want to make it into the film industry, either costume design or a makeup artist would be my chosen path (fingers crossed). Now I just have to work hard at building my portfolio and gaining experience. Yesterdays outfit was quiet casual with my army Nirvana T that i'm loving at the minute, Creepers and Levi's which is a everyday pick for me. The gold Casio watch was a Christmas gift from my Mam which i'm in love with, it's my baby.

Leather Jacket // Pennies
Mens Army Nirvana Tshirt // Pennies
Levi's // Urban Outfitters
Creppers // Amazon
Necklace // New Look
Holy Bracelets // Pennies
Casio Watch // Asos


  1. Love the Nirvana Tshirt, your hair is gorgeous that shade

  2. Loving the Levi's and your hair looks fab!


  3. I definitely need to invest in a Casio watch. Lovely outfit!

    Hannah / justmycouture

    Much love x

  4. Cool outfit! I love your hair btw =)

  5. Awesome outfit and I love you hair!

  6. really lovely look girl!!
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  7. Absolutely love your Tshirt !
    And your hair is amazing :)
    Launa x

  8. Hi Hannah, thanks for the comment you left on my blog. This OOTD is great. I love the Nirvana t-shirt as they're one of my favourite bands. I love your hair too, it looks fab :) xo

    Fiona @ www.labelledsm.blogspot.ie

  9. Love that leather jacket!

    XOXO, kalynblairecagle.blogspot.com


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