23 July 2012

Numbero Uno

Well ello there, I'm back to give another good swing at the oul blogging, I've had two blogs in the past that I let slip but you know what they say about third time lucky. I'm actually quiet excited to get this blog up and running and watch it flourish into something spectacular (high hopes much) I've got a few good post up my sleeve so do watch this space lovelies.

Moving on swiftly, Bioderma sebium was a pretty hyped up product within the blogging community at one stage, I was quiet skeptical at first but I jumped on the bandwagon and purchased it through eBay. Oddly enough I wasn't expecting much from this product but oh and behold was I wrong.

Bioderma states :
"A bioderma innovation, sebium h20 cleanses the skin gently without drying it, through the micro-emulsion of active ingredients, sebum. Enriched with ultra - purifying active ingredients, sebium h20 cleanses the epidermis in depth and reduces sebaceous secretion. The exclusive fluidactiv complex regulates sebum quality and prevents the pores becoming obstructed"

I am so impressed with this product as it's the quickest, easiest and least aggressive way to remove make up in a hurry and it is a staple in my kit. I have used this product on all of my models and myself, as it's a water based cleanser it's gentle and fresh and leaves their skin feeling clean. There is a faint smell of cucumber which is from the plant extract, it gives it that refreshing touch. The packaging is simple but eye catching with a very scientific feel which gives the sense of knowing the product is going to be trust worthy.

Would I buy this product again ? Yes, as you can see i'm nearly down to the last drop so i'll be stocking up on a bottle or two.



  1. Really informative post, I've read mixed reviews about this product, and am always a bit skeptical when things are so hyped so its nice to read a bloggers honest opinion and know that it's actually worth it x

  2. Thanks for your comment :) it really is worth the buy in my eyes anyways. there is nothing worse than buying a product and it not living up to standards.


  3. Grats on the new blog, Hannah!
    I look forward to more reviews from you! *HUGS*

    xo- Tina


  4. Thanks a mil hun it means alot


  5. This sounds like a really good product! Right now I dont even use makeup remover, shame on me, I just use my Clinique Cleanser.

    Found you via beautylish and followed!

    ps I realllly love your background

  6. Great to meet you last Saturday. Hope the green glitter came off ok ;)

  7. Was lovely meeting you :) bring on the next one. oh god I scrubed my eyes until they were red raw.



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