01 August 2012

Dublin Blogger Meet

The blogger meet up was the doing of the lovely Sarah who put a lot of time and effort in to organising the event. I can't even begin to explain how nervous I was as I'm a newbie to the whole bloggin jazz and didn't know what to expect. The arrangement was to meet at the spire (for anyone outside the emerald island it's a big useless spike in the middle of Dublin!!!) due to Ireland's weather been misleading as it does be we all huddled under the GPO. As we arrived Sarah presented us with a pink goodie bag with our names on it which was so sweet of her, after we chatted for awhile we made our way over to the Lush store on Henry St.

The team at Lush welcomed us and began to talk to us about their new 'emotional brilliance' line and I bravely stepped up first to have a go of the colour wheel not knowing what was in store. Basically, you are asked to clear your mind and close your eyes, they spin the colour wheel and ask you to open your eyes and choose 3 colours that mostly stand out to you. The first colour you choose represents your strenght or weakness, your second choice symbolises your subconscious mind and your third choice is your talent. I happened to choose health, passionate and vibrant, it actually shocked me how accurate my results were. I quiet like the concept according to Lush "if one believes enough in something, there will likely be a change in behaviour." it's a fun and a brand new interesting way to wear your make up and like all Lush products they are vegan friendly. After an hour or so of swatching and smelling all the products Lush gave us a little goodie bag with are favourite colour and their new mascara which I'm excited to review *cough coming soon cough* I also picked up some skincare products as my face is in a bad way and needs some TLC.

  Emma getting her colour reading
  We strolled down to arnotts to the Benefit contour where we met the lovely Gemma who kindly demonstrated the prep, prime and perfect routine on Alycia which looked stunning. Gemma then began to talk about Benefits new range the box o’powder glosses which includes bella bamba, coralista, dallas, dandelion, hoola, and sugarbomb. I feel in love with Sugarbomb which is a soft beautiful pearly pink that complements the sugarbomb blush, it has been placed at the top of my wish list.
                                                           Gemma working her magic on Alycia
Our bellies began to start talking to us we knew it was time to fill up on some delish grub from The Church restaurant which was so breath taking inside. We chatted and the banter was had as a few bloggers vlogged. Before the day came to an end we had a browse in Forever 21, Boots and Inglot where I picked up a few pieces (haul video/post will becoming soon so stay tuned!!!). I really had an amazing time and can't wait for the next blogger meet up as every single one of the girls were so lovely. Thank you so much Sarah you really entirely did an amazing job at organising the day and it wouldn't have been possible with out you.


Here are the links of the vloggers/bloggers who attended
Alice  | Alycia | Cheryl | Claire | Ellie | Emma | Eimear | Joanne | Marian | Paula | Rosaleen | Sarah | Sarah


  1. so lovely meeting you! Can't wait for the next one :D

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog hun:) I was so disappointed I missed this meet up, I was in Manchester so I couldn't go. I'll definitely make it to the next one xxx

  3. oh no bother at all !!! aww that sucks, yeh you definitely have to make the next one xo

  4. awesome post! Do you have a youtube/? (mention of the haul video! )

  5. ah sounds good! love lush, i can nearly smell just talking about it! i'm a new irish blogger myself, following you now! if you get a sec, i'd love to know what you think of my latest post!


  6. looks great! i'd love to do something like that :)


  7. Aw thank you for all your kind words. Just back from my holidays today. Wrecked, need another one to relax haha. Hope you are well and cant wait to meet you again :D

  8. Seems like you had a blast! I would have loved to have gone!


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