20 November 2012

Tuesday Tips - Zit Zapper

Looking for the perfect spot terminator ? well you can put an end to your search as I've found the perfect potion. Sudocrem ?.... is that not for nappy rash, you say ? Well think again my dear, this cult product is loved by many, even the lovely Cheryl Cole swears by it. I can't live without this little gem of a product.

It is a disinfectant with a mild anesthetic and is hypoallergenic and antibacterial.Sudocrem originated from Dublin (yaaaaay the paddies) in the 1931 and still is as popular as ever. Sudocrem is best used at night because of its thick creamy consistency, I usually leave it over night. I have been using sudocrem on a regular basis when my skin decides to start hating me and manages to leave a nasty breakout which seems to be happening the past week. I currently have a very attractive face full of sudocrem.

 Haven't tried sudocrem yet? I insist you rush out to your local pharmacy or supermarket NOW and see what the fuss is about.

Whats your thoughts on sudocrem?


  1. I'm literally sitting here right now with a Sudeocrem face mask on haha! Love this stuff :) Couldn't live without it! xx


  2. It's brilliant stuff! It's so useful for so many things!

    Lea x

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  3. Ive used this a few times but I think I slap too much on! Maybe a thin layer would benefit me more x


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