28 August 2012

Tuesday Tips

Cleaning your brushes is a must as bacteria grows rapidly in moist conditions, think of the amount of bacteria your spreading daily by not washing your brushes, I bet you never stopped to give it a thought because I know I sure didn't. What do I use you ask ? A miracle product called baby shampoo, which is dirt cheap and can be found in several supermarkets. This product is perfect for myself as I wash my brushes nightly and go through quiet a lot of product, so instead of forking out for Macs Brush Cleanser i'm saving quiet a lot of dollar at the end of the day and it does the job just fine. I also use baby oil to break down any stubborn make-up left on my brushes such as gel eyeliner, lipstick and foundation, it really does work a treat

What do you use to clean your brushes ? 



  1. Hey ! Really good tip - I was wondering what product I should use to clean my brushes that was a cheaper alternative! Definitely going to start using this stuff :)


  2. thanks :) yeh it really works wonders


  3. Oh dear, my brushes haven't been washed in a while! I even have brush cleaner I haven't even opened. Bold!

  4. I use the exact same & even done a post on using baby shampoo!!

    Great minds think alike!!


  5. I spot clean with the mac brush clenser and then i deep clean with the baby shampoo once a week usually! :) x

  6. I use baby shampoo for my brushes too! I might have to try using baby oil too though, it can be hard to wash foundation off of my foundation brush because it's so dense!


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