26 August 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Cottage Pie + Cabbage mmmm / Katie Taylor after wining her medal, Ireland are so proud / Messing around with wax and blood is a normal night for me / I'm top class at making salads / Body painting in college, the type was twisted Disney / Me & Ciaran before our big feed of Chinese / I'm addicted to Costa's nutty flapjack yuuum / Lady GaGa inspired look for my photo shoot / Crazy Colour /  Graduation day / Another look done by me / Avant Garde / Me & Katie / My 5 beautiful boys / Graduation day scouse style.

Hey guys sorry iv'e be absent lately, it's been due to finishing up with college and my LoLa having her pups. The past 3 weeks have been hectic, I was so stressed out and then I managed to catch a viral infection, I'm glad to see the back of August but all in all I had such an amazing experience at college which i'll never forget. When watching sex in the city at lunch was the norm of course i'll miss it. Poor LoLa lost one of her pups as he was a runt and not even half the size of his brothers, he really hadn't a chance unfortunately, at least the other 5 are healthy and growing into their own personalities, it's so exciting. I'm still sick at the minute and it seems to be running wild in our house, back to blogging so ;)

Currently Loving : Costa's Flapjacks, My Pups, 
Currently Hating: The manic weather we are having.
Currently Reading: Izzie / Jenny



  1. I love crazy colour aswel!
    Where did you go to college it looks farrr too much fun to be learning anythin!!!


  2. I've never tried Crazy Colour, I want to!! xo

  3. I love crazy colour they have every colour imaged !!! I done a make artistry course in avant garde make up academy. Hahaha I know right, are tutor was amazing. oh Rebekah do it's brill


  4. love your blog Hannah! Your hair is fab x


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