29 August 2012

#9 Loves

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09. My dearly beloved Lola who I've mentioned quiet a lot on this blog already, she really is everything to me, i'd be lost without my pouch. 

08. Of course I have to mention my boyfriend Ciaran somewhere or he'll be giving me grief lol.

07. My mam is just an amazing person, so strong and independent, I really do admire her strength. She has giving me and my brother so much, I strive to be as a great mam as she has been to me.  

06. My granda has a close place in my heart and I miss him dearly. 

05. Traveling has always excited me, from roaming the beautiful landscapes and cities to checking out the local talent and learning the lingo, there is nothing I love more.

04. Make-up is a passion, creating a master piece on someones face and letting your creativity flow is something I love doing on a daily bases. 

03. Chocolate ice cream, mmmmmmm YUMMY !!!

02. Ever since I volunteered at a summer camp in Greece I have falling in love with the stars, the geeky side in me is fascinated by astronomy, one day I will fly to space and explore (wishful thinking).

01. Camden market is where I left my heart, I really feel at home there. From the food and vintage stalls to starbucks, yeh it's just perfect.



Thank you soooo soooo much for your comments, hand on heart it means a lot.