15 September 2012

M.A.C's 'Snob' Lipstick

Hi guy's I've been lusting over one of Mac's best sellers 'Snob' for awhile now and I've finally gone and purchased it. Snob is described by Mac as a "lady like mauve" which can not be more accurate. I have not stopped wearing Snob ever since I have bought it, it's a must for all you pale pink lovers out there. I am obsessed with Mac lipsticks and find that they are worth every penny. Snob is a pale lavender / pink with a satin finish which is semi matte but conditioning with an intense colour. This pretty pastel pink is a go to lipstick that looks amazing with a smokey purple eye or just worn on it's own without eye make up to instantly give you the wow factor. This shade works best on fair to tanned skin. If you don't own Snob I insist you go out and buy it now because you won't be disappointed that's for sure.

What's your favourite Mac Lipstick ?


  1. ti seguo e spero ricambierai...

  2. This colour looks so gorgeous xx

  3. i have a lady gaga limited edition one from a couple of years ago, i'm still scraping it out of the pot!! love it!


  4. Love Snob, Lovelorn is one of my favourites at the minute, Show Orchid looks great too but I don't own it sadly :(

    Emily x



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