01 September 2012


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I have been putting off doing this post as I've been dreading listing my fears on the net but here goes.

08. A major fear of mine is rats, everything about them makes my skin crawl, I feel sick to my stomach even talking about them. 

07. Not been successful in life, failing frightens me, suppose the perfectionist in me has a part to play in it.

06. Letting my eating disorder get in the way of me leading a "normal" life. I can't even begin to explain how upset I get over my teenage years I will never get back due to this mental illness and opportunities I've missed out on, i'm afraid i'll never fully recover.

05. Of becoming blind, it would break my heart to not be able to see the beauty in everyday elements. As I said before I admire the stars and to not be able to look up into the midnight sky while the stars sparkle in the sky like diamonds is a beauty to miss out on. 

04. Not been able to have kids, I adore kids as I am a big kid myself, the thought of not giving birth to a little bundle of joy, my own bundle of joy is something I wish not to think about. I know there are other options but there is something so special about giving birth to a baby that's been created by you and your partner, a precious moment that money can't buy. 

03. Heights, you wouldn't believe how bad I am when it comes to heights, like today for instance I was in Penny's (Primark for you British lot) going up the escalator I had to close my eyes as I was starting to freak out, I could feel my life flash before my eyes no joke, how dramatic am I lol.

02. Hurting others, I am a big people pleaser and would go to hell and back for anyone but if I was to hurt someone by mistake it really does eat me up inside. 

01. Last but not least, growing up, it distresses me to think that I have to deal with bills and been able to stand on my own two feet, I am an independent kind of person but the thought of dealing with "adult" issues frightens me. I want to stay a teenager were boys is complicated as it gets and nights where spent innocently. The future aggravates me to no end, not knowing whats ahead is a bitter sweet concern.

Hope you enjoyed this post, whats your fears ?


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