12 September 2012


Good afternoon guy's, so here is to my first Nails of the Day post yaaaay, I'll keep this post short and sweet for you lot. So today iv'e been wearing Hollywood glamour inspired nails. I applied a base coat of Rimmel London 5in1 Nail Treat, I then applied a coat of Essence's in 114 fame fatal and then I left my nails until they were fully dry so I could then apply a top coat of Rimmel London 5in1. The photo does not do the polish any justice, I adore Essence's nail varnish's, at €1.29 each and a bundle of generous colour's you can't go wrong.

What colour nail's have you been wearing ?

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  1. Cute colour, I've been wearing Ciate's My Fair Lady a lot lately, it's my go to polish.


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