02 September 2012

Weekend wrap up

How gorgeous does Katy Perry look on the front of US ELLE // This is make-up I done for a shoot, it was good vs evil // Yummy lunch I had after a hard mornings work // My mammy's stew is my far the best // Rain Rain Go Away Come Back Another Day, view from my sitting room, One of the pups, he is so cheeky and playful, I need help with names // The jelly shoes from Urban Outfitters that i'm mad about, reminds me of been a kid // Dressing room vainness // I'm loving this colour of nail varnish // Blogging time // A bit of a haul // Me & my boyfriend Ciaran.

Currently Reading - LucyJayBekie
Currently Loving - The Weather, Wheatabix, CSI, Fantasy Football, X Factor
Currently Hating - Spots




  1. I literally neeeeed your hair colour, mine refuses to go properly red :(
    But I refuse to abuse it with bleach !

    Loving your "currently" parts to your post it's so unique :)
    P.S why is the Irish summer coming now ?


  2. I use a box dye from boots i'll get the colour for you but I have had mine bleached bright orange in the hairdressers. your hair is gorge don't ruin it with bleach !!!

    awww thanks I love doing the "currently"

    I know whats the deal with it !!!


  3. I love those jelly shoes ! Remind me of when I was younger xx



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